Solar Power blog #1


Today solar power products have become increasingly cheaper compared to only a couple of years ago. It is time to embrace all of those environmental friendly products because today they are PROFITABLE.

Did you know that besides a roof top solar panel system, today you can also:

  1. install a backup system to manage power cuts and/or swaying power for small money
  2. add a wind power generator that will hopefully generate electricity 24/7
  3. buy a small portable power bank that can handle most things depending of capacity
  4. set up “intelligent” lamps all around you garden that will use 0 electric
  5. start with a small solar system and let it grow in steps
  6. charge your mobile and other electronic and at the same time charge your battery while camping.
  7. Pump water for free
  8. Run an air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, fan and many other things on solar power

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do and you will find most of those products here, on our web page


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